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Many of us relize the benefits of computer technology. But, what is computer technology means? Computer technology is a tool or a way that serves to facilitate activities of daily human life. Has many roles played by computer technology for human life. And it has been proven since the first computer technology was created until now. However, in addition has brought benefits to human life, computer technology also brings the negative effects to human life. There are some of the benefits and negative effects of the utilization of computer technology in human life.

The first benefit is a benefit in the field of communication. In this field, the role of computer technology is vital. With computer technology growing from year to year, one person can communicate with other person which are in distance of hundreds or even thousands of miles away with using a cell phone made with computers .. This thing might be evidence that computer technology have broken the problem of distance in the field of communications. The second benefit is a benefit in the field of transportation. In the field of transportation, computer technology also plays an important role of which is to control or monitor the planes which took off and who will go. In this case, computer technology use analog computer that will display the location of the radar planes. The third benefit is a benefit in the field of industry. In this era, there are many large-scale industry that uses computer technology, for example there are many industry using robots for the production process. The benefits of using this robot is able to produce more efficient, and more practical than using human labor.

Whereas for the first negative effects of computer technology is in the field of communication. Many of us relize that computer technology has solved the problem of distance between two people who are in a great distance. However, the negative effect is we can not talk in face to face that can create communication problems between the user's commonly called a misunderstanding. The second negative effect is in the field of transportation. In this field of computer technology has given a bad effect for human life. Can you imagine ? If the computer technology will evolve much more rapidly than now, what's on your mind about this? Would not it be more and more cars and motor vehicles will overwhelm the streets of the capital? The third negative effect is in the field of industry. If large-scale industries using robots to productions prosess then what will be done to the employees? Certainly going to happen major layoffs.

To conclude, each of what God created, certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. Especially if people who created something, would have fewer advantages and more disadvantages. As computer technology that I have explained before, has a series of benefits and negative effects. If humans are not good at controlling and administer and account for all of the technologies that they create before, then they will perish by their own technology.

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  1. Pertamax mas bro

    The all begins by computer
    Computer make us more creative and more instant to begin a works

    Because computer I can make a better information, one of them I can publish the beauty of lombok at http://7og4nk.blogspot.com

    1. hehehe, sorry bro i replied your comment for along time, but thank tou very much for your comment, i appreciate that.
      are you live in Lombok ??
      you're right bro, Lombok island is one of many beautiful island in Indonesia even in the world.

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