Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012


Do you believe if there is alien? There are many speculations about alien’s evidences. Some people believe that there have been aliens in the earth since a million years ago. Some people have different opinion about it. They believe that alien is just a fictitious creature in the movies. This world is very large and there is possibility that there is another life or dimension beyond the earth. Since a hundred years ago, there have been some proofs about the existence of aliens in the earth.  The appearance of UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), the existence of AREA 51, and the appearance of strange incident in earth are three evidences of alien’s existence.
Firstly, UFO appears in many countries. In 1996, the government of Brazil hunted a group of UFO.  There was UFO’s attack to Brazil’s air authority and destroyed the air traffic of Brazil. The government of Brazil responded by attacking the UFO with their jets to hunt the UFO. But, until now no one knows the result of that ‘war’.  Some witnesses said that this alien had big head, red and big eyes, thin body, and looked so weak and sick. Two decades after the ‘war’, the Brazil’s Minister of defense Octavio Moreira told the truth of that ‘war’.  Besides that, UFO has appeared in USA. In March 13, 1997, ten percents of Arizona’s people witnessed UFO’s appearance. At that time UFO made a triangle formation and flew on the Pheonix’s City, Arizona. In Russian, UFO had been seen very clearly. In 1968, UFO fell down in the jungle of Uni Soviet’s authority. The government of Russian took the death body of alien out from the UFO and got the autopsy for the alien’s death body.
Secondly, the AREA 51 is in USA. AREA 51 or mostly famous as US Air Force Flight Test Center is an isolation place in South Nevada, USA. It is located in Lincoln Country, 115 kilometers north of Las Vegas with an area of 103 square kilometers. In AREA 51, there is an alien’s body research. Since the first time those aliens have showed their evidences in earth, especially in the USA. Many people have different opinion about that. However, according to one person of the ex-employee of AREA 51, AREA 51 has one alien and he had ever communicated with alien. But so far there hasn’t been a scientific explanation about the evidences of real alien. Besides that, AREA 51 is a place to assemble spying aircraft. When AREA 51 was founded in 1955, it just focused on building a spying aircraft, the United States U-2 Series. The average of U-2 Series had a cruising speed of 3500 kilometers per hours with an effective cruising altitude of 4830 kilometers. Many experts said that USA has one sample of UFO and because of that USA learn and build spying aircraft similar to UFO. Not stop right here, there is alien in AREA 51 with its UFO and the government of USA still learn about it until now.
Thirdly, strange incident appear in many models. There are cases of abduction by alien in USA. Travis Walton, a woodcutter in Arizona area. He claimed that he was abducted by UFO. The UFO was flying in the sky and paralyzed him. He said that he was abducted by the alien. He was taken to a different dimension from the human dimension. He said that he was abducted at 09.00 and returned at 09.00 too. However, he felt that he was abducted for hours. According to the researchers, there is a possibility of the dimension transfer where there is a different time between alien’s dimension and human’s dimension. Then, there are amazing attractions of strange airplane. In this case, there aren’t many witnesses. Some of the witnesses said that he watched the airplane flew very fast and suddenly it stopped. Any airplane can’t do this where it moved so fast and suddenly it stopped completely. Flying plates is another example of strange incident. There are alien’s evidences since a thousand years ago. It has been proven with flying plate’s appearance in whole of the world. Starting from flying plates appears in many countries until a flash of light in the sky. Many researchers believe the flash in the sky is flying plates. It’s impossible if that flash light is a comet or something like that because there is no proof about the comet that fell down comet at that time.  
I think there is intelligent life from outer space. That has been proven with the appearance of UFO, the existence of AREA 51, and the appearance of strange incident. Because UFO come from outer space and shows its evidences in our planet, earth, we have to be careful with it.           

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