Senin, 13 Mei 2013


There are many electronic tools that make daily humans activities easier. All of the electronic tools can makes easier for every human activities started from electricity discovery, such as television, cellphone, microwave, washing machine, etc. For television, this electronic tool can give some information for humans life, beside that television can be electronic media that can accept the information from people, and television can be an entertainment media are three advantages of television.
Television can give some information for humans life. There are some information such as a sport championship, a music concert, and television can be a media for showing all victims of disasters. For example, when tsunami destroyed Sumatera Island, after few days, we can watch televisions that broadcast some line of names of the tsunami’s victims. This information is very important for people in the world especially for Indonesian’s people.
Beside can give some information, television can accept some information from people. For example, Mr. A went to Bandung, in the middle way he stuck because of the traffic jam. If Mr. A want he can report the traffic conditions to other people by tv station. How he can do that? He can send a SMS (Short Message Service) or call the tv station that there is a traffic jam. After that the tv station broadcast the Mr. A’s report to other people.
Television can be an entertainment media for all people. For example, we can watch a humor program like Opera Van Java in television. This advantage is very important for humans life. Why I can say like that? Because all people are very busy with their activities, they wake up in the morning, then they had breakfast, after they finish with their breakfast, they busy with their activities like go to the office, go to the campus or school, they clean their house. Finally, they get home or finished their work in the evening. Of course they feel stress with their long day activities, they need an entertainment to get relax for a moment. One of the entertainment media is television.

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