Senin, 20 Mei 2013


Indonesia is famous with traditional culinary in the world. For example, in every single place in Indonesia there are a lot of traditional culinary. Starting from Aceh with its Aceh noodles, Palembang with Pempek, Jogja with its Gudeg and Papua with its Sago Worm. We as the people of Indonesia, that has a thousand of traditional culinary from Sabang until Merauke. And because of that, we absolutely need to preserve traditional culinary. Making food festival, joining franchise of traditional culinary, and introducing to children by making traditional culinary at home are three ways to preserve traditional culinary. The first way to preserve traditional culinary is makes food festival. Food festival can be an event to preserve the traditional culinary. In the food festivals there are hundreds even thousands of traditional culinary, events like this are very important because with food festival, traditional culinary will not become extinct. The second way to preserve traditional culinary is join franchise of traditional culinary. Nowadays, especially in Indonesia, there are a variety of franchise businesses. The definition of franchising is a system for distributing goods or services to end customers, where the brand owner (franchisor) gives rights to individuals or companies to conduct business under the brand name, systems, procedures and methods that have been previously defined within a certain period covering a specific area. With joining franchise of traditional culinary, traditional culinary will spread to many regions or areas and automatically traditional culinary will be preserved. The third way to preserve traditional culinary is introduce to children by making traditional culinary at home. In this way could be the best way to keep preserve traditional culinary, why? Because, this way is the easiest way. In the family, of course parents often to makes the traditional culinary at home either consciously or unconsciously this way can teach children to preserve traditional culinary.

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