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Do you know the kinds of sleeping disorders? There are many kinds of sleeping disorder including insomnia, walking in the middle of sleep and screaming in the middle of sleep. Insomnia is a symptom of sleeping disorder caused by irregular sleeping patterns. Insomnia consists of two kinds; they are acute insomnia and chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia is a symptom that is most common and usually caused by situation such as stress at work, family problems and traumatic events. Whereas chronic insomnia consists of primary and secondary insomnia. Primary chronic insomnia is caused by change of life including prolonged stress and emotional impact, these symptom are more directed to the psychic. Secondary chronic insomnia is a side effect of health problem such as certain medical conditions, and the influence of drugs. Damaging healthy, decreasing life performance and changing in attitude and appearance are three drawbacks of insomnia.
The first drawback of insomnia is it can damage our health. Every person who has a sleep time of less than 6 hours per night will cause undue metabolic processes which ultimately lead to diabetes. In every single cell in the human body certainly need sugar to maintain strength or endurance in all daily activities. However, if the process of sugar that occurs in the human body is disturbed by irregular sleep patterns, it will increase the risk of diabetes. After diabetes increased, the decrease of the antibody will be felt by people who have insomnia. Everyone who has a sleep time less than 7 hours per night will fail to take the immune stable. If antibodies are not stable or declining, that will be very easy for many diseases will attack our bodies. As we know that if someone who has bad sleeping quality, they should be prepared to fight with many diseases, one of them is cancer. If we don’t have quality time to sleep there will be Hormonal Metabolic Disorders and it will increase the risk of cancer.
The second drawback for people who get insomnia is it can decrease life performance. Increase the stress is the most common impact from people who get insomnia. People with insomnia not only will increase production of stress hormones but also can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Then, the next impact of insomnia is it can trigger anxiety. For people who don’t have enough time to sleep, anxiety is going to attack first and of course this can increase the sense of a huge depression. Not only men who get possibility for insomnia but also women can get higher possibility for insomnia. Increase the desire for fatty snack food is the next impact for insomnia. Lack of sleep can eliminate the hormone that functions to regulate appetite, as the result, consumption of fatty foods and high carbohydrate will increase.
The last drawback of insomnia is changes in attitude and appearance. If someone who wasn’t an insomniac absolutely they had high thinking power. How if out of the blue that person was turned into insomnia? Of course decline in thinking power is the most felt from that person. People with insomnia have pale skin and tired face that can decrease the production of collagen that trigger wrinkle faster. The next impact is change to be lazy person. Person who doesn’t have enough time to sleep, their activities looks monotone such as watching TV, getting meal, smoking and drinking coffee. Because they just do that activities for long time then they change to be lazy person, lazy to do other beneficial activities, and that can change a person become procrastinator.
To sum up, insomnia isn’t a disease but insomnia is a sleeping disorder. Women have higher possibility than men to insomnia. To minimize drawbacks of insomnia you must get enough sleeping time, take some sports, minimize alcohol and cigarettes consumption, try to reduce foods or drinks that contain caffeine, and drink two liters per day of mineral water to keep our bodies still in the pink.

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